What Your Nails Could Indicate About Your Health

Our nails are a critical component to our bodies. Without nails, we are very limited to what our hands and feet can functionally do and we can’t forget the real job of our nails, to protect the skin underneath them.What Your Nails Could Indicate About Your Health

Nails are made of dead cells just like our hair. Doctors, specifically dermatologists, like to pay close attention to the condition of our nails because often times, nail condition can signal sickness or that something is not quite right with our health. Anything in on or around your nails that suddenly appears to be different can be a sign of a systemic skin problem.

Below are a few conditions that can show symptoms in the nails. Having any of these symptoms does not always mean there is a medical concern. As always, you will need to consult a physician, like a dermatologist, for an actual diagnosis.

Moles and/or Melanoma

A sudden change in nail pigment could be a symptom of benign moles or melanoma. Discoloration can show in the lines that run from cuticle to tip and if the skin under the hard part of the nail covering the fingertips develops a brown color, you will want to consult with a doctor, especially if it happens to just one finger.


Arthritis can often small cysts to grow near or on the cuticle.


This is a common skin condition that can affect the finger and toenails. Nail symptoms that are symptomatic of psoriasis include: yellow-red discoloring, indentations of the nail plate, lines that run side-to-side across the nail, skin thickening of skin under the nail or nail loosening, or distinct white spots on the nails.


Your finger and toenails are closely related to the hair and just as our hair could fall out after an illness or an extended period of stress, your nails could also show symptoms. Sometimes, stress will create side-to-side lines to appear on the nails.

WNY Dermatology can thoWhat Your Nails Could Indicate About Your Health roughly examine your nails at a routine skin check visit. If you suspect there is a problem with your nails, contact our friendly and dedicated staff today for more information.

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