Tips For Carefully Exfoliating Your Skin At Home

Tips For Carefully Exfoliating Your Skin At HomeExfoliation removes the old and dead skin cells on the outermost (epidermis) surface of the skin.  During microderm-abrasion, chemical peels, and facials, exfoliation occurs.  Many different spas offer various skin treatments that includes exfoliation, but dermatologists want you to beware.

Too much exfoliation and going about it incorrectly can cause major harm to your skin.

It is best to first determine your skin type, as many dermatologists do not recommend exfoliation for every skin type.

For some, exfoliation can make skin worse with increased acne problems and redness.

You can exfoliate your skin at home and in doing so, here are some helpful tips to prevent damaging your skin.

Understand Your Skin Type

You should be able to identify whether you have sensitive, normal, dry, oil or a combination skin, which is when skin is dry in some areas and oily in others.

Mechanical or Chemical Exfoliation

Mechanical uses tools such as a brush, sponge, or a scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Chemical uses various chemicals such as alpha and beta hydroxyl acids that gently dissolve dead cells.

Understand Your Go-To Skin Care Products

Some exfoliation chemicals do not mesh well with prescription or over the counter medications.

  • Consult with your doctor before using any new products.

Choose Exfoliation Method

Dry and sensitive skin will do best with a washcloth and mild chemical exfoliator.

  • For oily and thicker skin, a mechanical exfoliator works well.

Be Gentle

If you have sunburn, a cut or a wound on your skin that is already giving you issues or causing you pain, do not exfoliate.

Don’t Overdo It

You do not and you should not be exfoliating your skin every day, unless a doctor advises you to do so.

The best tip for making sure your skin gets the best care and butterflythat you are using the most suitable products and procedures, contact WNY Dermatology.

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