Tinea Versicolor Treatments in Western New York

Tinea versicolor (or pityriasis versicolor) is a very common skin condition particularly in the warm, summer months.

It is caused by an overgrowth of the commensal fungi of the Malassezia species. It is not known why some people are more susceptible to this than others.

Tinea versicolor can sometimes produce scaling and itchy areas of skin, but usually the main symptom is discoloration of the skin.

This condition can produce red, pink, hyperpigmented (darker), and hypopigmented (lighter) areas of skin even within the same person.

  • Tinea versicolor commonly affects the chest and back, but can also occur on other areas of the body.

Tinea versicolor is very treatable, but generally it takes longer for the skin color to return to normal.

Thus, it is best to try and treat before the condition becomes widespread and severe to limit the hyper- and/or hypopigmentation of the skin.

Call us for an appointment if you think you have tinea versicolor so we can initiate treatment.