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Get a Skin Check This September

Summer is coming to an end and we hope yours has been full of beach days, barbecues, long hikes, and relaxing times by the pool. However, when you have fun in the sun, you also run the risk of skin cancer if you aren’t properly protected. Think it won’t happen to you? According to the

Celebrating Men’s Health Month in June

What is Men’s Health Month? Supported by Men’s Health Network (MHN), Men’s Health Month takes place every June as a reminder to men across the United States of how important it is to maintain one’s health and wellness. The month is intended to increase the awareness of preventable health issues, encouraging early detection and treatment.

Controlling Skin Conditions Affected By Winter’s Cold

Winter is quickly approaching, which means it is time to get serious about making sure we are prepped for the colder weather. While we are physically warm, we cannot ignore two conditions affected by the cold temperatures: psoriasis and eczema. The cold weather can aggravate both. What is psoriasis? It is a chronic skin condition

What You Can Do To Keep Your Skin At Its Best

Taking care of your skin should be built into your everyday life. Skin, while seen from the outside, has many internal benefits you cannot see, which is why it’s essential to properly care for your skin. Detecting discolorations of the skin, changes in birth moles, unexplained pain and severe dry skin should be examined immediately