Rosacea Treatments in Buffalo

  1. Rosacea is another inflammatory skin condition that affects the face usually causing significant redness.

There are 4 major types of Rosacea:

  • Erythemotelangiectatic
    • – background redness with multiple small blood vessels
  • Inflammatory (Papulopustular)
    • – red pimples and pustules
  • Phymatous
    • – disfigurement, alteration of texture, and enlarging of the affected skin, particularly of the nose
  • Ocular
    • – dry, stinging sensation in the eyes

Rosacea is very prevalent, and erythemotelangiectatic rosacea is the most common subtype.

Individuals often have more than one type of rosacea, and inflammatory rosacea if often misdiagnosed as acne.

While there are similarities to acne, the treatment of rosacea can be quite different, so an accurate diagnosis upon careful clinical examination is very important.

At WNY Dermatology our board-certified dermatologist and team of physician extenders have experience in assessing and treating rosacea.

There are multiple topical and systemic medications used for the treatment of rosacea, and we also integrate these treatments with lasers and peels to enable patients to have clearer skin with much less redness.