Proper Skin Care Tips For Men

Taking care of our skin is not just for aesthetic appeal.

Protecting our skin from damage caused by the sun, environmental toxins and skin disorders is incredibly important for everyone.

In this particular post, we Proper Skin Care Tips For Men are going to focus on the male population.

There is always a lot of emphasis put on protecting the fragile skin of our children and for women, proper skin regimens has always been a popular topic of discussion.

While there might not be much variation in daily skin care, we are seeing the male population take more proactive steps towards healthier skin.

November is National Healthy Skin month.

We would like to offer a few tips for how males can take the best possible care of their skin, too.

Males generally keep their skin care regimen pretty simple and the first step to choosing products and a routine is to determine the type of skin you have:

Combination skin – which is dry in some areas and oily in others

After determining what skin type you have, here are the tips for how to keep you skin clean and protected:

Check labels and ingredients on products.

Products with the least amount of ingredients are typically safer and cleaners that are fragrance-free and oil-free won’t irritate or clog your pores.

Wash your face daily and after exercise.

At the end of the day, you will want to clean your skin thoroughly as well as after exercise because sweat can really clog your pores. Use a mild soap and luke-warm water.

Change your shaving techniques if you need to.

If you are always getting razor bumps, razor burns, or ingrown hairs, try a single or double blade razor. Avoid stretching your skin taut while shaving and make sure you wet your skin and hair. Use a moisturizing shaving cream.

Moisturize every day.

A mild and gentle moisturizer should be used each morning and after cleaning before bed.

Check your skin often and wear a broad based sunscreen every day.

Need some advice on more ways to protect your skin or for the right kinds of proWNY Dermatology ducts to use for your skin type? Contact WNY Dermatology to set up a consultation with one of our professional medical team members.

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