How Diet Affects Your Skin’s Health

The winter months can be exceptionalHow Diet Affects Your Skin’s Healthly tough on our skin.

Our skin often becomes dry, irritated, and itchy. We also tend to eat poorly in winter months which can have a negative effect on our skin.

Our diet is an important part of our skin care routine, making it even more important to eat well in winter months.

Consume Fresh Produce

Both fresh fruits and vegetables can contribute to the overall appearance of your skin. Fresh produce is filled with antioxidants which help reduce brown spots and wrinkles, also protecting your skin for the future.

  • Beans, berries, and avocados are all great super foods for your skin.

Eliminate Sugars

Although winter is full of warm pastries and sugar filled treats, none of them will do your face or skin any favors.

Sugar, along with white starches, can contribute to acne issues and raise our stress hormones.

  • Instead of eating buttered white bread, replace it with a whole grain option.

Pick Your Protein

If you are someone that typically eats greasy pepperoni or significant amounts of deli meat and considers those foods your daily dose of “protein,” we’d encourage you to reconsider.

Although these meats are a protein, they are fatty proteins that result in dull skin.

  • Choose chicken or fish as your protein instead to help revive your skin.

Stop the Salt

Many of us are guilty of eating our fair share of chips, popcorn, and other salt-driven snacks.

These snack foods have high salt levels which results in skin that is bloated and puffy. If you have a craving for a salty snack, save your skin and eat something such as raw nuts instead.

  • They’ll satisfy the salt craving and help even out your skin.butterfly

These foods will help keep your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. If you’re having issues with your skin, contact Western New York Dermatology.

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