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Controlling Skin Conditions Affected By Winter’s Cold

Winter is quickly approaching, which means it is time to get serious about making sure we are prepped for the colder weather. While we are physically warm, we cannot ignore two conditions affected by the cold temperatures: psoriasis and eczema. The cold weather can aggravate both. What is psoriasis? It is a chronic skin condition

What You Can Do To Keep Your Skin At Its Best

Taking care of your skin should be built into your everyday life. Skin, while seen from the outside, has many internal benefits you cannot see, which is why it’s essential to properly care for your skin. Detecting discolorations of the skin, changes in birth moles, unexplained pain and severe dry skin should be examined immediately

5 Critical Truths You Need To Know Before Buying Sunscreen

If you listen to the advice of your Dermatologist, Dr. Nazareth MD-PhD, you know that prolonged exposure to daylight can be harmful to the skin and accelerate the look of aging by prematurely causing UV damage. The best way to protect yourself is through the use of sunscreens with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy in the Summer Sun

When the sun is shining bright and the temperatures soar, we all enjoy spending time on the beach, in the pool and at family barbecues. And the last thing many people think about is protecting their skin! Although many of us don’t think about it in this way, the skin is the body’s largest organ and