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Get a Skin Check This September

Summer is coming to an end and we hope yours has been full of beach days, barbecues, long hikes, and relaxing times by the pool. However, when you have fun in the sun, you also run the risk of skin cancer if you aren’t properly protected. Think it won’t happen to you? According to the

June is National Acne Awareness Month

As summer approaches, so does all things sweaty and dusty. Summer brings fun times but it also brings a fair share of rashes, acne and breakouts. It’s time to tackle your acne once and for all, especially because June is National Acne Awareness Month. This is an opportunity for dermatologists and other healthcare providers to

How Diet Affects Your Skin’s Health

The winter months can be exceptionally tough on our skin. Our skin often becomes dry, irritated, and itchy. We also tend to eat poorly in winter months which can have a negative effect on our skin. Our diet is an important part of our skin care routine, making it even more important to eat well

Study Shows Promise for Managing Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition of the skin where skin cells build up and form scales on the skin along with itchy, dry patches. It is a common skin condition that affects roughly three million people per year. When psoriasis flares, it is very bothersome and comes with intense itchiness that burns and pains from where

Bizarre Skin Care Trends in 2017

With each new year, people commit to making changes and many of those changes revolve around their physical appearance. With 2017 in full-swing, there are a variety of dermatology trends that are surfacing which are expected to be huge this year. While many dermatologic trends might seem legit, it is important to consult a licensed

Tips For Carefully Exfoliating Your Skin At Home

Exfoliation removes the old and dead skin cells on the outermost (epidermis) surface of the skin.  During microderm-abrasion, chemical peels, and facials, exfoliation occurs.  Many different spas offer various skin treatments that includes exfoliation, but dermatologists want you to beware. Too much exfoliation and going about it incorrectly can cause major harm to your skin.

What Your Nails Could Indicate About Your Health

Our nails are a critical component to our bodies. Without nails, we are very limited to what our hands and feet can functionally do and we can’t forget the real job of our nails, to protect the skin underneath them. Nails are made of dead cells just like our hair. Doctors, specifically dermatologists, like to

Hydrating Hands During The Winter Months

Since nearly 70% of germs are spread by touch, it is essential to keep our hands clean. With so much hand-washing going on during the winter months especially, our skin if often left raw, red, and extremely dry. You don’t want to take the risk of skipping the washing, but what can you do to

Proper Skin Care Tips For Men

Taking care of our skin is not just for aesthetic appeal. Protecting our skin from damage caused by the sun, environmental toxins and skin disorders is incredibly important for everyone. In this particular post, we are going to focus on the male population. There is always a lot of emphasis put on protecting the fragile

Common Myths to Ignore About Skin Cancer

Even with all of the advances in medical technology and information provided by doctors on how to remain healthy, there are myths that people still believe about certain diseases. Skin cancer has many myths that are dangerous to those who believe them because they limit the proper precautionary steps to take in order to prevent