Treat yourself to a massage and feel the difference.

Daily stress, aches, and pains are inevitable when we maintain such busy lives. Massage Therapy not only reduces your aches and pains but also provides stress relief necessary to refuel our bodies and minds.

Healthy Complexions Spa offers a variety of massage opportunities to target the exact point of pain or discomfort. We have trained professionals that will help relieve muscle and tendon tension with 6 types of massage, and prenatal.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot basalt stones are placed on strategic areas of the body in this energy-balancing treatment. The deepest tissue layers are reached with this technique. The stones are also used as massage tools, helping your therapist to penetrate deep, aching muscles. Blood circulation is stimulated, encouraging your body to heal itself. Swedish massage techniques are combined to bring your body and mind to a state of sublime bliss.

60 Minutes

Healthy Complexions
Signature Massage

Muscles and fascia are carefully manipulated to encourage relaxation during this treatment. Your licensed massage therapist will use his or her hands to manipulate and relax your soft body tissue, reducing tension in the muscles, eliminating stress, reducing any pain, and even improving sleep. Additional benefits include increased circulation, which helps oxygen to reach your cells and clears toxins from your lymph nodes. Treat yourself to total relaxation.

60 Minutes


Relaxing benefits for both moms-to-be and baby.

This service relieves muscle aches and joint pain while reducing swelling.

60 Minutes


A uniquely customized blend of pure essential oils is combined in this indulgent massage using the health-giving benefits of aromatherapy. The natural oils bathe you in hydration, while a full body massage detoxifies, energizes and ultimately relaxes you into a state of total bliss.

60 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment focuses on relieving chronic aches and pains through and in between the deeper layers of muscles. Your Licensed Massage Therapist will consult with you to determine a goal within your tolerance to specifically and therapeutically address your areas of concern.

60 Minutes